Please see our list of services below, or download a CV/Resume on the "About Us" page for additional details.

Pricing and Product Development

  • Services:  pricing assumptions, rate calculations, pricing models and documentation, actuarial memorandum
  • Underwriting automation:  database tools for proposal generation
  • Past Microinsurance projects:  life, credit life, accident, women's preventative health
  • Past US insurer projects:  group life, worksite universal life, critical illness, dental, accident, disability, single premium health benefits, LTC, mini-med, and Medicare Supplement

Product Management

  • Business analyst support:  management reporting and data repository design, systems conversions
  • Experience analysis of persistency, claim incidence, claim continuance
  • Rate increase filings

Financial Reporting

  • Reserve calculations and projections
  • System coding for life and health products (i.e. PolySystems & TAS)
  • Valuation audits of claim and active life reserves
  • Reinsurer data requests

Actuarial Exam Seminars 

  • Group and Health Company/Sponsor Perspective
  • Group and Health Design & Pricing